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Master Cenobio Galindo has been teaching Taekwondo to children for 12 years. He holds a 3rd Dan Belt registered at Kukkiwon, which is the headquarters of Korean Taekwondo.

Master Galindo is known for his excellence in helping children learn to become all that they can be. He reminds children at every class that he once started just like them. With hard work, dedication, and the philo-sophy to never give up, anyone can achieve their goals. There are no obstacles in Master Galindo's class. All children at all skill levels feel welcome and encouraged.

Master Galindo has his own story to tell about how he started practicing Taekwondo in the park in Mexico. His positive attitude and practice lead him to become a three time national fin weight champion of Taekwondo. And also Master Galindo was a member of the National olympic team in Mexico

Master galindo not only teaches Taekwondo as a competition sport, but also he instructs at every single class the tenets of Taekwondo which leads any kids to be a better person in every aspects in their lives.

After open our studio, six years ago we have been rewarded with wonderful  results in the Oregon state championship being one of  the top five schools in Oregon state.
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